Sneeze Shields

Counter and Desk Shields for cubicles and table tops
Counter & Desk Shields
Counter & Desk Shields can be customized to fit cubicles, table tops, and manufacturing spaces of any size. Our shields are configurable to nearly any size and can be cut to accomodate cables, credit card terminals, or infrared temperature gauges.

Each product is easy to install, requires little to no hardware, and can ship within days of ordering.
Sneeze Shield Triangle Leg
Sneeze Shield Angled Triangle Leg
Sneeze Shield Capsule Leg
Sneeze Shield Workspace Divider in an open concept office space
Curved Counter Shield in receptionist area
Student Edge Shield Desk Sneeze Shield
Student Desk Shields
Student safety and teacher health is the number one priority. Help everyone feel safe in classrooms, libraries, computer labs, and more with Protective Polycarbonate Shields that can be customized to fit existing student desks and work areas.
Cubicle Sneeze Shields | Edge Sneeze Shields
Shields are customized to your needs, providing employees, students and guests added protection in shared spaces.
X-Shield Sneeze Shield Tabletop Dividers
These tabletop solutions are customized to your table size, are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are easy to clean.
Polycarbonate Hanging Sneeze Shield
Hanging Shields
Designed for when you can’t spare even an inch of counter space, but want to provide protection for your employees and guests. Made from 1/8” thick polycarbonate, the shield has optional holes for hanging. 
Standing Workstation Dividers with casters option
Body Shields
For standing workstations, temperature checkpoints, and higher-traffic areas, we’ve engineered taller shields that provide full-body coverage for additional workplace safety. Provide employees added protection between workstations to stop the spread of germs. Customize to your needs and add graphics for required messaging.
Standing Workstation Divider
Sneeze Shield Double Standing Workstation Divider
Sneeze Shield Triple Standing Workstation Divider
T-Shield Standing Workstation Divider | Student Desk dividers with rocket ship graphics
Distinctive Body Shield
Invest Once with Polycarbonate
Prestwick CARE Sneeze Shields are cut from ¼" polycarbonate sheeting, is 30 times stronger than acrylic, and can be easily cleaned and disinfected daily.


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