Sanitizing Wipe Stations

Delafield Sanitizer Stations are a portable, customizable hand sanitizer dispenser and sanitizer wipe dispenser all in one convenient sanitizer station.
Delafield Sanitizer Stations
Encourage employees, guests, students, and others to keep hands sanitized and surfaces disinfected with the Delafield Sanitizer Station. Our Sanitizing Wipe Stations feature both a hand sanitizer dispenser and a sanitizing wipe dispenser to keep hands and surfaces clean. Customize your Sanitizing Wipe Station to include a mask dispenser, thermometer testing station, glove dispenser, and more. Ask about our graphic application options that allow you to brand your Sanitizing Wipe Station or incorporate your facility’s critical messaging on policies and procedures.
Designer Sanitizer Stations to match your facility's design and functional needs. Include hand sanitizer dispensers, sanitizer wipes, masks, thermometer station, and more.
Designer Sanitizer Stations
As a part of our designer line, we offer Sanitizing Wipe Stations designed to match your property's aesthetics and design standards. Similar to our other solutions create a Sanitizing Wipe Station that incorporates all of your facility’s needs - a hand sanitizer dispenser, mask dispenser, thermometer testing station, branding, messaging, and more. We can source virtually any material, from exotic hardwoods, stainless steel, brushed aluminum, and Corian®. Our custom finishing studio gives you limitless options to tastefully incorporate your logo or other graphic elements with a design that aligns perfectly with your brand.
Wash and Sanitizer Station practices good hand hygiene with both a sink for hand washing and a hand sanitizer dispenser.
Wash & Sanitizer Station
When you need a solution beyond standard hand sanitizer, incorporate one of our hand wash stations and sanitizer solutions at your property. Designed to attach to your existing water supply, our wash and hand sanitizer solution combines the power of handwashing with the germ-fighting properties of a hand sanitizer dispenser.


Hand sanitizer stations customized to your facility's needs. Add a sanitizer dispenser, mask dispenser, thermometer testing station, sanitizer wipe dispenser and more.