Sanitizer Stands

Lapham Hand Sanitizer Stands, portable, customizable hand sanitizer stand for indoor/outdoor use
Lapham Sanitizer Stands
Portable, customizable hand sanitizer stands with indoor/outdoor capability. Made from our signature recycled plastic material, customize the Lapham Hand Sanitizer Stand to include graphics, your brand logo, or your organization’s critical messaging.  Available with a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser or mount your own, these hand sanitizer stands are designed to meet both your facility’s functional needs and design/branding objectives.
Nashotah Hand Sanitizer Stands, a portable, attractive, and customizable indoor sanitizer dispenser. Customized with logos, branding, shelf for disinfecting wipes, thermometer station, drip ledge, and more.
Nashotah Sanitizer Stands
A portable, attractive indoor hand sanitizer stand that can accommodate a variety of touchless sanitizer dispensers. The Nashotah Hand Sanitizer Stand is available in a wide variety of material options to allow you to match your facility’s aesthetics. Select from Recycled Plastic, Recycled Plastic Wood Grain, Laminate, Brushed Aluminum, Finished Wood, or a combination of materials to meet your needs. For safety and hygiene, a drip ledge is included in all designs. Graphics and logos can be added to the Hand Sanitizer Stand to support your brand initiatives and communicate policies and procedures, while wipe holders, mask dispensers, and thermometer shelves can all be added to meet your needs. 
Superior Hand Sanitizer Stands designed for high-volume sanitizer pumps and smaller touchless hand sanitizer dispensers to create a cohesive sanitizer solution for larger facilities
Superior Sanitizer Stands
This versatile hand sanitizer stand is ideal for a variety of applications. Designed to accommodate high-volume gallon sanitizer pumps, push sanitizer dispensers, and touchless dispensers, create a cohesive sanitizer solution for each area of your facility. Available in multiple material options, including Recycled Plastic, Laminate, and Finished Wood, customize your sanitizer solution to meet both your organization’s functional and aesthetic needs. Are you taking temperatures at entrances or need sanitizer wipes? Add a wipe holder, customized graphics/branding, shelves for thermometers, drip ledges for safety, and more.
High-Traffic Sanitizer Stands designed to accommodate multiple dispensers, gallon pumps , wash stations, and more.
High Traffic Sanitizer Stands
Are you starting to welcome back larger crowds? Ensure your employees, visitors, and staff stays healthy with a high-traffic sanitizer stand. Choose from our wide variety of recycled plastic and rigid plastic color options. Customize with dispenser placement, custom graphics, logos, doors, and more.
Designer Sanitizer Solutions combine aesthetics with sanitization, designed to display touchless sanitizer dispensers, logos, branding, and match a facility's interior design needs.
Designer Sanitizer Stands
Don’t sacrifice aesthetics for health. Our Designer Sanitizer Stands offers the best of both worlds, keeping employees, visitors, and guests safe from viruses, colds, and the flu while supporting your property’s design requirements. Offering a variety of models, we can source virtually any material, from exotic hardwoods, stainless steel, brushed aluminum, and Corian®. Our custom finishing studio gives you limitless options to tastefully incorporate your logo or other graphic elements with a design that aligns perfectly with your brand. Ensure your guests that health is your priority with a well-designed hand sanitizer solution.


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, Stands, and Displays that can be customized with logos, touchless dispensers, gallon sanitizer pumps, sanitizer wipes, and include custom messaging.