Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Sanitizer Stands
Designed to accommodate touchless hand sanitizer dispensers, our Sanitizer Stands can be configured to display virtually any sanitizer dispenser, including a pump bottle holder for high-traffic areas.

A customizable hand sanitizer solution, personalize your Sanitizer Stand by incorporating existing brand imagery, or use it as a communication tool to relay critical safety messaging.  Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, select a portable sanitizer stand to easily relocate for your facility's needs.
Lapham Sanitizer Stands | Custom Sanitizer Stands
Superior Sanitizer Stands
Nashotah Sanitizer Stands
High Traffic Sanitizer Stands
Designer Sanitizer Stands
Delafield Welcome Station with Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser with Disinfecting Wipes and Waste
Sanitizer Stations
Sanitizer Stations are designed as a welcome station for your facility, or for high-traffic areas where disinfection is required.  Created to display a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with a waste compartment, customize your Sanitizer Station to include a wipe dispenser, protective masks, tissues, or thermometer for temperature testing. Utilize our graphic application options to incorporate your organization's branding or as a message center to relay critical health policies and procedures.
Delafield Sanitation Stations | Welcome Stations | Wipe Stations
Designer Sanitation Stations
Sink and Sanitation Station
Wall Mount Sanitation Display | Counter Sanitizer Stand | Triangle Leg Counter Shield
Wall & Counter Displays
Provide wall mounted solutions in high-traffic areas where social distancing isn't easily achieved. Portable Counter Sanitizer Stands are ideal for flat surfaces in any public or private area.
Designer Solutions
Distinctive Sanitation Fixture Displays
Featuring high-end finishes and sanitation options, easily configurable for retail solutions.
Sanitation Pedestal Displays
Quality displays with branding options, featuring built-in sanitizer or wipe dispenser.
Sanitation Kiosk Displays
Built for digital screens, these sanitation displays take aesthetics to a new level.


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