CARE Products

Let's Get Back to Business.
Build confidence and minimize risk at all areas of your property with Prestwick CARE products.
We’ve been hearing the same thing from many of our customers: establishing trust at your property is priority number one. Employees will work better knowing they’re being looked after. Guests will shop, dine, and return with confidence when they can see the procedures you’ve put in place to make sure their families are safe.

Having the right defense in play at your business can make all the difference. Is your property covered? We can work with you to develop solutions that align with your state's safety guidelines, promotes responsible social distancing, and gives your facility the staying power it needs as we transition to a life outside of quarantine.
Not sure where to start? We can help.
From Signage and Sanitizer Stations in entrances and lobbies to Protective Polycarbonate Shields in offices and retail, our team will learn about your property and suggest options for you to consider to be sure you’re well prepared during the pandemic.
Sanitation Displays
Promoting a clean space and maintaining it starts at the entrance. Our Sanitation Displays serve as a helpful first line of defense to remind everyone to disinfect before they enter your facility.

Displays can be configured to offer sanitizer dispensers, disinfecting wipes, television displays, and more. Depending on the area, we can design for mobility or provide a permanent, wall-mounted solution. Each display can be designed to your exact specifications, and can match an existing aesthetic or stand out to promote critical messaging.
Everyone can do their part. Provide equal opportunity for employees and visitors alike with Sanitation Displays that help keep hands and surfaces disinfected at key areas throughout your facility.


Sneeze Shields
To provide additional safety within the workplace, Prestwick has designed a versatile lineup of protective Sneeze Shields catered to retail, offices, and manufacturing spaces of any size. Cut from ¼" clear polycarbonate, our shields help maintain a secure environment for both employees and guests alike, and can be easily disinfected after each day. For standing workstations and higher-traffic areas, we’ve engineered taller shields that provide full-body coverage.

Regardless of application, our shields are configurable to nearly any size and can be cut to accomodate cables, credit card terminals, or infrared temperature gauges. Each product is easy to install, requires little to no hardware, and can ship within days of ordering.
Confidence is Key. Help employees feel safe at work. Our 1/4” protective Sneeze Shields can be customized to fit cubicles, table tops, and manufacturing spaces of any size.


COVID Signage
You've likely spent considerable time and resources developing a plan to keep your facility as clean and safe as possible. Are you delivering a consistent message that aligns with your sanitation strategy? Have you considered traffic flow and shown visitors what social distancing policies should be followed? Communicating the right message at the right place can keep your facility running smoothly and customers care-free.

Utilize Prestwick’s Design Team to create a personalized signage package that aligns to brand standards and can coordinate with your other CARE Products for a seamless, consistent message.
Encourage proper distancing. Clearly communicate your policies, procedures, and critical messaging with custom COVID Signage.


Specifying Safety
As with everything we manufacture, our products are built to order and can be designed to your exact specifications. Equipping our customers with the safest product possible means that a simple, off the shelf solution just won’t work. We manufacture safety for everyone.

If your property needs a custom solution that you’d like our help with, contact us today at (888) 868-6297.